Monday, December 10, 2007

Festive Frolics

Freezing drizzle, houses lit up like Las Vegas, the merry jingle of the same old songs...There's no denying it - Christmas is nearly here. Whether you're a snowy Scrooge or the epitome of the Christmas spirit itself, all your seasonal gripes and needs can be met in Oxford.

Personally I'm a bit of a mix - I love to don the intellectual stance, curling my lip in quasi-sophisticated disgust at the meerest wiff of commercialism, yet excitedly trotting out to get some shiny bargains; rejecting any offers of mince pies before mid-December, and yet enthusiastically writing present lists throughout the year. I think most people are like me - we love to hate Christmas and hate to love it. Love the lights, the warm, fuzzy feeling, the ever optimistic wait for snow, the trees, the carols...hate the queues, the tackiness of inflatable Santas and chocolate Jesus models, the pressure to Have Fun, the sheer distance from long summer days.

So here's my mini survival guide for being around Oxford at this time of year:

To escape the madness:
- Port Meadow - gorgeous on a frosty morning and not even a sprinkling of tinsel

To embrace the festive spirit:
- Clarendon Centre - lights, bargains, hot drinks and sugary snacks: escape the rain, embrace the warmth, and forget about the credit card bill

To catch up with friends:
- Jericho Cafe - a healthy but yummy place to meet people. Save the calories for Christmas day and catch up with old friends or make exciting plans for next year with current ones.

To play in the snow (yes, it will snow. It has to!):
- University Parks - giant snowmen, erotic sculptures, snowball fights, ice on the river, pretty frozen trees...*sigh*

Look out for various Christmas markets - Gloucester Green sometimes has them. Enjoy the festive season, whatever your Christmassy inclinations, and enjoy the snuggly feeling, the hustle and bustle and the huge variety that Oxford provides.

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Bob said...

Your enthusiasm is appealing.