Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sweet like Chocolate

It really struck me today just what sweet tooth I have. Being female, I should probably view this with a certain amount of guilt, apologise profusely for my distrust in salads and my aversion to low-fat (read no-taste) products and sigh that I can't fit into my skinny jeans any more. But hey, what a great excuse to buy some new clothes! It's not that I aim to be unhealthy - no, really... - it's just that there are so many yummy things around and I swear I really do get chocolate cravings. Think caffeine addiction but fact, it could well be caffeine - I think I eat enough chocolate to compete with the greatest compulsive espresso-downers out there.

An average day in the life of me:

Breakfast: Toast with generous smotherings of jam or honey - proper jam though, with lots of bits of fruit in, although I'm not fussy about the honey - runny or crystallised - both are good.
Accompanied by hot chocolate - I'm currently experimenting with Whittards caramel hot chocolate. By experimenting, I mean religiously drinking it at least once daily to see if it tastes as good each time. So far I can conclude that it does.

Now comes the point where I should probably lie and say I'm good and don't snack during the day. Except I do. I'm sure we all do. I'm not even going to pretend I snack on unsalted nuts and dried fruit like all the women's mags say. Nope, I'm a hobnobs girl through and through. Mind you, that's only because I can't find those nice buttery crinkly biscuits anywhere near me.

Lunch is usually savoury...followed by a yummy pudding of some variety. Either that or it's a warm-up for afternoon tea. My parents came to visit today and I introduced my mum to Ben's Cookies - she now wants to return in a couple of weeks to try a different flavour. I would be offended that she's more interested in that than seeing me, but then deep down I'm quite excited to have another trip there organised in advance.

If I have room for dinner after all that, it's usually the starter for after-dinner chocs. It really is a wonder I haven't spontaneously erupted into a spotty, toothless diabetic or a forty-stone chocaholic. We all have our vices and luckily mine is quite a sociable one. It may well be the death of me, but who hasn't dreamt of a decadent chocolate-covered end to their days?

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