Tuesday, September 30, 2008


For fellow Port Meadow fanatics (like the American I just met who still has fond memories of jogging round Port Meadow in his Oxford days), there is a fantastic photo exhibition on at the moment in the Oxford Castle. It's there until the 19th October, so plenty of time to see it, and if you're like me, to go several times! Entry is free and it doesn't harm to have the impressive castle there and the lovely restaurants nearby (not forgetting Krispy Kreme!).

The artist the local photographer Roddy McColl. I've not heard of him before, but I don't really follow photography or local art normally. This 'Year in Photographs' really is impressive, though, even if most of the beauty is from the meadow itself. It's interesting, because it's not just about wild nature, but also shows bits of the city behind, which is how it actually looks. It is a place with horses and cows roaming free and uncut grass, but it's also right next to the canal and railway, and part of is used as allotments, so it's very much a place in use. In a way, I think that makes it more attractive, as it's valued as a haven of nature so close to the city. Clearly, the photographer thinks along similar lines. The photos are very evocative and seem to reflect the different moods that Port Meadow has, from restful to full of life, misty and moody to symbolic. One of my favourites is called 'Aristotle's Sunset' and has an amazing pattern of clouds in the sky.

In fact, I think I might go to Port Meadow now...

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