Monday, April 28, 2008

Feasting feathered friends

The first hint of sun and I’m feeling inspired. I woke up and thought: I want to make a birdfeeder. So, a birdfeeder I shall make.

Apparently urban areas, especially suburbs, have a much higher proportion of birds than rural areas. I’m sure the robin that sings outside my window at all hours of the night is not the only one confused by the nocturnal activity of Oxford, and if our feathered friends are up at the crack of sparrow’s wotsit, they must be getting pretty peckish.

I’ve had a look on the RSPB website and have bought birdseed, lard and have emptied a bottle, which, combined, should make me the Lloyd Grossman of the bird world. The plan is to hang it from outside my bedroom window and to watch the sparrows, starlings, blackbirds and wrens come fluttering over. My balcony shall become the chic place to be; the hangout for hungry birds, a place for a first date, and the chicks’ first real food joint when they’ve left the nest.

I’ll keep you updated on my visitors.

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