Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Love Children

A minor case of facebook stalking led me to the discovery of a rather funky website: . This lets you take two people's faces and morph them together into some sort of beautiful or hideous love child.

The site provides celebrity faces, so hormonal teenagers and not-so-teenagers can combine the delights of Keira Knightley with Halle Berry. For the more puerile amongst us, personal uploads allow for some great combinations such as Dumbledore from Harry Potter with Gordon Brown.

This personal upload facility also lets you mix pictures of your friends, feminising your ugly beer-bellied mate into an adrogynous pin-up, or adding some facial fluff and bald spots to your excessively vain female friends.

I've been thinking about some of the best Oxford-related combinations (well, best in terms of amusement rather than lust factor):
- Richard Dawkins and Rowan Williams

- Thom Yorke and Yoda (okay, Yoda didn't go to Oxford, but this one's been done and it looks fab):

- Hugh Grant and Kate Beckinsale

- Michael Palin and Walter Raleigh

This tool could be seen as a beautiful thing of creation, crossing boundaries of time, space, age and gender. Or you could just procrastinate and have a laugh. Whatever floats your boat.

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