Thursday, November 27, 2008

Arty Oxford

There's a great exhibition on at the moment at Modern Art Oxford. It shows the work of Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller and is intriguingly entitled 'The House of Books Has No Windows'. Never heard of them? Nor have I... That doesn't stop it from being interesting, though.

There are 7 pieces of art, including:

The Dark Pool: a room full of books and machines, with strange bits of sound chasing you through the room.

Opera for a Small Room - one of their most critically acclaimed pieces of work, involving more strange noises that seem to move...

The Killing Machine - cheerfully, as the name suggests, about capital punshment.

The House of Books Has No Windows - their most recent production - this one's without strange sounds.

Things to check out
- The piece of art using over five thousand books (!)
- Late night opening on Friday 28th November until 10:30pm: galleries and cafe are open and there are free tours.
- Saturday tours: 3pm and free!
- The book that accompanies the exhibition and explains it in more detail.

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