Friday, November 21, 2008

Chlamydia Confidence?

Apart from being one of the hardest words on the planet to spell, chlamydia is also a rather nasty disease that's apparently highly rampant in Oxford. It's causing problems all over the country, so no point running away now. What's important is that everyone knows what it is and how to prevent it. Or at least the latter, although it's always fun to know the meaning behind a big word.

The OCSP (Oxford Chlamydia Screening Project) is for everyone in the local area, and provides free information and tests to help you out. It's got a promotional flurry on at the moment, so you may have seen its adverts around. If you're still not sure quite what's going on, here's a quick guide:

What is chlamydia?
The most rampant sexually transmitted infection around at the moment.

How do I get it?
Contact with sexual fluids.
Or passed from mother to baby during birth.

Sounds nasty - what are the symptoms?
Often: nothing at all, which is part of the reason why it spread so easily.

Why the big fuss then?
It can cause fertility problems and other nasties.

How do I know if I have it?
See the website above to pop in for a visit or call 01865 234526 for info on a free self-test kit.

What if I do have it?

It's easily treatable by antibiotics, so no worries!

It might be worth asking at your workplace if they are able to spread the word.

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Sharon said...


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