Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sunday Shopping

News is out today that the Covered Market will be opening on Sundays next month in a 3-month trial. It's only ever been open on Sundays over the Christmas period before, so this is a big change for it. Much as like the tradition of having a day of rest, I really do think this is a big step forward. Many's the time I've had the urge to wander around the traditional stalls and little boutiques on a Sunday afternoon, only to find the whole area firmly shut. In such a major tourist city, where the majority of businesses are open on Sundays, I really think it would be a great thing for the Covered Market to follow suit.

Of course, the decision wasn't taken in order to please me, but because of the financial threat facing many of the smaller businesses. A promised £50,000 from the council was cancelled last year, leaving important refurbishment still on the to-do list. Last year rent for businesses there went up extortionately and this year is hardly easy for businesses, especially those seen as luxurious and non-necessary, which pretty much sums up the Covered Market in today's cheap and convenient supermarket age.

I for one will certainly be making an effort to visit on Sundays. Let's hope it's a permanent change!

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