Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Embracing Apathy

It's reached that time of the year where I've given up my New Year's Resolutions for Lent, the days are getting long enough for me run out of excuses not to go jogging, and the spending money part of preparing for summer holidays is upon me.

Perhaps that's why work is suddenly so attractive at the moment. I would love to go out and enjoy the sunshine, but isn't it just still a little too cold? It would be great to leap on some trains spontaneously to go and visit friends I've not seen for a while, but couldn't they come to me?

I'm having a day of embracing apathy. I'll get the unavoidable work of the week done, will do my chores and all the things I normally dread. And then, tomorrow, or maybe next week, I can emerge from my cocoon into the spring sunshine and enjoy the decisions that freedom brings.

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