Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Loved up in the city of dreaming spires?

Sorry for my lack of waffling - it's been a crazily busy week in Flick-land. Still, having blitzed my room and discovered that it does actually have a carpet, finished my work and replied to all my texts and facebook messages, I felt sufficiently inclined towards procrastination to realise that Valentine's Day is shortly upon us.

I'm sure there's enough schmultzy sweetness out there in the commercial world to give you diabetes on the spot, so all I'll mention on the matter is that I find it can be better to forget the guilt-induced present-buying, the frantic squeezing into restaurants and the overpriced cards, and to just go for a walk or have a snuggle indoors. Much more intimate. That said, if Mr Flick forgets the day itself, words shall be had!

For those of you who quite frankly couldn't give a flying haddock about Valentine's Day, here's a fun website to brighten up your day:

I just can't get enough of these funky invention websites!

The Big Bang on Walton Street is running an anti-Valentines Day meal on Wednesday where all cupid-haters can get good deals on bangers and mash. An ironic way to rebel against commercialism, perhaps, but you can't argue with a stonkingly good sausage and gravy.

Have a great day however you spend it. I'm off to the theatre - report to follow!

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