Monday, February 18, 2008

Thespian Thoughts

I'd forgotten how much I like going to the theatre. I went to see Stomp the other night. After 5 minutes of watching men in grubby vests sweeping the floor in various rhythms, I decided I could do better myself and resigned myself to a night of listening to the tweenagers behind me yelling 'oh my gawwwd he's well fit' every time the muscliest of the men brandished his broom in our direction.

Ten minutes later, I was hooked. Who would have thought that such fun could be had with dustbin lids, toilet plungers and kitchen sinks? I really must learn how to do those funky backwards flips in the air. I've always wanted to do a Bjork-style run up to a wall followed by a flip. Undeniably cool.

The New Theatre itself was very laid back but suitably grand inside to give a proper theatre feeling. Bizarrely, they had binoculaurs halfway down the stalls. Perhaps they sometimes have a flea circus there, or maybe it's for Puppetry of the Penis...

Anyway, it's reinstilled my unhealthy enthusiasm for the theatre. There's an intriguingly named 'Complete Works of Shakespeare' coming up, which describes itself as a comedy version of all his plays in 97 minutes: See you there!

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