Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm off on holiday for a week somewhere where Easter eggs would melt. Yippee!

I wish anyone reading a very happy Easter, whether you love it because of its religious message, its springtime connotations or its chocolate. If you're an Easter grouch, then stop it. At once. Go and watch some lambs frolicking or gorge yourself on an Easter Egg. Go on - just eat a whole one. Nobody need know. Someone's got to do it. Thorntons does diabetic eggs, so there's no excuse for anyone.

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend and make the most of 4 days off in a row, even if that involves nothing more drastic than watching DVDs with your slippers on. Good times. For the slightly more adventurous, check out the following events:

Saturday 22nd: The Key Learning Centre, Oxford Castle, 11am - 4pm

Oxford Castle Unlocked :
The Great Eggscape: Join in the Easter Fun at Oxford Castle Unlocked. Go on a picture egg trail, race your friends in our children's egg and spoon race and hear Paul Guftafson, author of 'Eggbert's Adventure's', reading his books in the key Learning centre accompanied by Ukelele Bob. Children's activities are running throughout the day, eggciting stuff!!!

Ukelele Bob...got to be seen to be believed!


Carluccio's Events
Win a Delicious Carluccio’s Italian Easter Egg Location: Carluccio’s, Oxford Castle

This Easter, we are offering one young artist the chance to win a giant 3kg Italian chocolate Easter egg to share with their classmates.The designer of the of the most beautifully coloured egg will be picked on 19th March and receive a huge 3kg Easter egg made from delicious Italian chocolate to share with their classmates before the Easter weekend.Visit us for more details and to pick up a competition entry form.

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