Monday, March 10, 2008

Waffles Galore

I just feel the need to have a mini waffle today. Not a waffle of the edible variety, although admittedly, that craving is usually present. No, I mean a waffle of the literary sort. A spewing forth of ideas, a mish-mash of thoughts, a cathartic expulsion of mind niggles.

So, here goes:

- Radio 1 in the morning really annoys me. I used to enjoy Chris Moyles' parodies of songs when he was on in the afternoon. I now set my alarm to his show in the morning because nothing else forces me out of bed so quickly in a dash to turn it off.

- I went for a meal out with friends to Ask last week. I've not had very good experiences in the past, but their honeycomb cheesecake is AMAZING. Think Crunchie nuggets in a cheesecake, drizzled in chocolate. My friend and I foolishly shared one, so ordered another one!

- Tropicana have just started doing smoothies. They were £2 in Sainsburys last month but have gone up to normal price now. Sad times.

- I have just started reading 'Eats Shoots and Leaves' and have found a soulmate in the writer. Look out for future rants on apostrophe abuse!

Okay, now I'm off for an edible waffle...

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