Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cold Turkey

Sorry for the lack of updates recently - I was *shock, horror*...without internet!! Only for a couple of days, I admit, but I hadn't realised quite how addicted I had become.

It progressed in several stages:

Denial - frantic refreshing of long-dead webpages, frantic attempts to send the same emails over and over, wondering how to contact friends to ask if their internet was down when I couldn't just email them!

Anger - WHY was technology so rubbish? Why didn't swearing at the machine, restarting it and bargaining with it work?

Despair - How would I ever procrastinate again?

Liberation - I went for a run round Port Meadow, I did all my boring chores like going to the Post Office, tidying my bedroom, sorting out my post. Then I phoned some friends - yes, actually heard their voices! I picked up a book where I had to turn pages rather than click on a link. I tuned my analogue radio to pick up noise and it worked fine!

Security - Then, like the addict that I am, the internet came back and there I was, frantically catching up on emails, searching the news sites for anything happening the other side of the world that I'd missed, and scouring messageboards for similar experiences.

The internet...what would we do without it, eh?

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