Friday, January 9, 2009


The world isn't in the best state at the moment. At times like this we seem to face two options: read the news twice a day and get sucked into the doom and gloom, or escape into less stressful releases. I'm sure there's a halfway point, but that lessons the impact of imagining the fun that could be had by escaping the real world...

So, books and TV aside (Waterloo Road anyone? Or the superb new version of Anne Frank's Diary...neither of which are particularly wonderful for escapism, come to think of it), what is there to whisk you away to an alternate world?

A Christmas Carol
(16 Dec - 20 Dec)
Okay, so this one's already over, but I had prepared to tell you about it before Ye Greate Internet Breakdown back in the stone age of 2008.
You know the story...but not in this guise...okay, so it's not Blackadder or the Muppets, but it's still a cracking yarn with a bit of a twist.
Old Fire Station Theatre

Hans Christian Andersen's Magical Tales
25 Nov - 17 Jan
Set in the intriguingly named vintage Mirror Tent, this is a fairytale fest in amazingly traditional style. Travel back in time and to a myriad of different fantasy worlds, all in the space of a couple of hours. See the Emperor bare all, the Princess's tantrum with her pea and the rather chilly Queen.
Where? The BMW Group Plant.
More info:

Sleeping Beauty
5 Dec - 18 Jan
A traditional panto! Grab your granny, your 'it's behind you's and get your best sweet-catching hand ready!
Where: Oxford Playhouse

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