Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Magnificent Monsoon

I love Monsoon!

I'm not often one to rave about one particular shop, especially not a clothes shop, but I just think it's fabulous, and it's good to talk about positive things on these bleak days.

I'm not talking about Accessorize, which is great fun, but always so crowded (although isn't it great when they arrange things by colour?). No, I'm talking about the clothes. I first discovered it when I needed a dress for a wedding. It was blue, floaty and hideously delicate, but a flattering size* and reduced by 75%. It would have been rude to say no...And of course I needed a jacket to go with it, also conveniently reduced.

* The sizes are usually a bit 'off' here, but in the right direction - definitely worth a trip if you fancy a confidence boost.

Of course, if you'd asked me whether it was really a good decision a spillage, disastrous cleaning and hairdrying attempt later, I might have given different advice, but, impressed with the choice, I have kept Monsoon up there in my list of Good Shops. It's brilliant for ballgowns, cocktail dresses and really nice going-out clothes and smart casual outfits. Granted, it does have the occasional monstrosity, and there are a few dowdier things, but that makes it all the more fun searching for the good stuff.

I don't know why I'm telling you this really, while the sales are on...I'd better nip out and get that top I've had my eye on!

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