Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Whilst I do enjoy blogging about entertaining events and having the occasional lighthearted moan, I also feel like I should talk about more serious events.

Nobody can have escaped the Gaza crisis in the news, and regardleses or rights and wrongs or your views, there are lots of support groups and events in Oxford at the moment. I'll outline a few that have been particularly well publicised. If someone wants to add more, in support of whichever side, please feel free.

Oxford University protest

80 students entered the Bodleian library to persuade the university to produce a statement against the attack on Gaza, particularly the Islamic University there. The controversial Shimon Peres lectures were mentioned, as was Oxford University's funding of BAE Systems, which provides weapons for the Israeli military.

Result: an agreement was reached fairly promptly. Check out the Occupied Oxford Blog for updates.

Oxford Palestine Solidarity Campaign

To join in the nationwide protests, there was a protest on Saturday 17th January in Broad Street, with a march towards a rally in Bonn Square. The aim: to show discontent that Israel is attacking Gaza.

Result: lots of publicity.

This campaign has lots of up and coming events, including:

- A lobby of the council on Monday 19th January, outside the Town Hall.

- Oxford Students' Palestine Society: a talk entitled 'Stop the Massacre - Israel out of Gaza': Weds 21st Jan, 7:30pm Moser Theatre, Wadham College

- Socialist Workers Party: a talk entitled "Stop The slaughter in Gaza. How can Palestine be free?", Weds 21st Jan, 7:30pm,
The Mitre.

- Rally: "Israel out of Gaza", Thurs 22 Jan, 5pm-7pm, Cornmarket Street.

For more info and more events, see: http://www.oxfordpsc.info/2009/01/upcoming-events-oxonnational-tuesday.html

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