Sunday, January 18, 2009

Inauguration Excitement

The big day is finally here! America's been preparing for months, journalists have been counting down, and if I have to see one more trailer for it on CNN I might just scream.

Who knows it Obama will live up to all the expectations; he's certainly got a lot on his plate. What I do know is that his inauguration day will mark the start of a change, and in a few years time, I want to be able to look back and remember where I was when I saw him taking over Presidency.

So, where's best to watch it in Oxford?

-Most of the pubs with big screens will have it on.
- The News Cafe is an obvious place, but head there early as it's bound to be popular.
- If you're after a longer-lasting event, check out the inaugration party at the Corner Club on Turl Street. Hosted by Democrats Abroad Oxford, the cost is £10 and includes canapes, champagne and full television coverage. Email for more info. There's a dinner afterwards with a special two-course menu and wine for under £20
- If you can't get anywhere in the afternoon, there's another party in the evening at Brookes University, starting at 8pm. The Tommos will be providing live acoustic music and it looks set to be a great atmosphere.

In the meantime, the excitement continues: from Jan 12th-16th, Krispy Kreme are offering free coffee to anyone who says '"yes we can" at the till. A tad embarrassing perhaps, but definitely worth it if you like free coffee. Rumour has it there is a picture of Obama on the top as to be seen to be believed!

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