Saturday, February 28, 2009

Museums for le Monde?

I just heard on the news that the French president, Sarkozy, is bringing in a new law in April that makes all museums and 'monuments' free to under-25s. This got me thinking: what if Oxford did the same?! Imagine that; free education, culture and art for all young people. What a brilliant idea in a town so full of students.

Well, yes, then it occured to me that, actually, there are an awful lot of free museums in Oxford, especially if you're a student and have access to university buildings.

- Even for normal people, there are an awful lots of underrated college chapels, such as Keble College Chapel, with its famous artwork.

- There's Oxford University itself, which makes the town of Oxford into a living museum. Loads of lovely old buildings, gargoyles, cathedrals and the like.

- Not to mention the actual museums:
The Ashmolean
The Natural History Museum

- And the smaller, but equally interesting players:
- The History of Science Museum
- The Pitt Rivers Museum (currently shut until April)

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