Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Impish Evenings

Have you ever seen the Oxford Imps perform? If not, why not? They're great fun, and it's a cheap night out. I first saw them at a ball and was much more impressed than I expected. The basic idea is improvised comedy. There are standard games or formats to some sketches, such as different people reacting to different words, or a rather amusing one where at all times one person must be standing, one sitting, one lying and one off-stage. It is genuine improvisation and they ask the audience to give names, words and other ideas to spark ideas. Sure, there are a few awkward moments and it doesn't always work, but it's very clever, and when it does work it is genuinely funny.

Catch them at the Wheatsheaf on Mondays 8-10pm: £3 entry. It's sometimes adult humour and it often seems a lot funnier after a few drinks. In case you're feeling like it might be one of those closet Oxford things, fear not: they've performed at the Edinburgh Fringe festival and in America, Bosnia and Holland!

Have a look at their website if you fancy joining them! They're a young, friendly and welcoming bunch, if a little eccentric!


"This is the best improvised comedy that I have ever had the pleasure to witness" Three Weeks August 07

"The Oxford Imps pull off something which is both very clever and very funny; with plenty of style, energy and not a little bravery, the effect is not only massively entertaining but also rather charming." Oxford Theatre Review May 06

"Genuinely funny, laugh-out-loud moments... it is a superb night’s entertainment" Cherwell June 05

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