Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Public loos in Oxford...what a calamity! If you've ever been caught short in the city of dreaming spires, you'll be able to sympathise with my cross-legged crisis. Granted, public toilets are never particularly nice, but they certainly seem to be short in Oxford!

There are some incredibly dodgy looking underground offerings on Magdalen Street, but these are always shut when I go past and I certainly wouldn't want to attempt the leaf-covered slippery steps without at least three bodyguards! Who knows what creatures of the dark lurk down there!

In the town centre itself, there are plenty of cafes and stalls, but unless you're actually sitting in a cafe or pub, it's a bit rude to pop in just to sneakily use the toilets. So what are we supposed to do?! Perhaps there are some public toilets I'm just missing. They're not really the sort of thing you notice unless you're desperate! Last time I was cut short, I ended up popping into Oxford Town Hall, where I at least discovered the lovely cafe there, but such a lovely old building really shouldn't be reduced to that sort of public facility!

I reckon somewhere like the Clarendon Centre should host a few toilets. Maybe it does, but I certainly couldn't find any when I was desperate! Or how about a few more underground offerings, but this time well-kept ones. I'm sure I can't be the only person to have had to cut short a shopping or culture trip for such an inconvenient reason.

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