Saturday, February 28, 2009

Simply Sarnies

I just wanted to take a minute to praise the wonderful sandwich chain 'Mortons'. Okay, so it's not the cheapest place to buy a sarnie, but really, is it ever good value to buy a sandwich in a shop? When a loaf of bread costs around a quid (well, I'm going to stubbornly live in the pre-financial-doom days!), it's hardly good value to buy two slices that are filled for three or four times that...

But, oh, it's so worth it! Mortons doesn't just stop with sliced bread. Oh, no. It does baguettes, paninis, wraps and all sorts of different types of normal bread. Whoever knew there was so much choice?! The fillings are brilliant as well - enough variety and combinations to last a lot of lunchtimes, if you can get past your favourites. I just love the chicken and mango chutney baguette. It really shouldn't work, but somehow it does! The staff are always willing to personalise your sandwich a bit, so no worries about being fussy, and if you pick one of the eat-in cafes, you'll get a side salad and maybe even some nachos as well. Awesome.

And I haven't even started on the cakes! Just think: award-winning, chocolate, filling. Yum. Just don't eat them all before I've got there!

With several Mortons dotted around Oxford and even an office-delivery service, it's a lovely independent service that hardly fills a gap in the market, but shows why it's so popular.

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